Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rancilio Rocky pour over

kone in a chemex on a scale
111 was totally an coincidence
First morning with my new rocky grinder, I made some pour over in the Chemex V60 with a Kone metal filter per daily routine.  I find that the pour over (or drip if you will) brew method gives me a cleaner and smoother cup than french press, making it the preferred morning coffee routine.  What you see there is the initial pour, where the coffee should bloom to around the 1 minute mark.  I was supposed to pour to 100g... but wasn't really awake yet so.. we got 111.  After bloom, pour in rest of water (I used 24 g coffee with 400 g of water) which should take you to the 2 minute mark and let coffee flow through til 2:45 -  3:00.

morning cup
morning cup of joe
I used a 30 setting for this.  Kone filter usually takes a bit coarser grind than regular paper filters.  I'm pretty much at the end of my Blue Bottle Ethiopia Tukant but it still tasted really good. Almost as good as initial brews.  I don't think the rocky actually produces a better grind for pour over, it's more like even.  However, my morning routine is much, much less tiring now!

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